Project Description

“We have over 35 years of experience successfully executing projects in highly-sensitive environments, such as surgical operation rooms.”

Best Practice: Medical Center
Focus on Ventilation & Heat-Recovery System

This medical center includes a clinic, outpatient care, patient rehabilitation, and senior living facilities. The multifunctional nature of this facility and high patient traffic presents many interesting challenges. Nonetheless, we were able to help significantly reduce their energy costs.

Our Services

  • Complete analysis of their facility systems
  • Removal of 8 axial fans and replacement with 8 centrifugal fans equiped with flat-belt drives and high-efficiency motors
  • Removal and disposal of 576 unnecessary noise-control units
  • Removal of external air dampers and replacement with 4 section-rolling doors
  • Installation of a highly-efficient combined circulation heat recovery system (including necessary plumbing work)
  • New frequency inverters installed and electric connection work completed
  • Demand-optimized control of the ventilation and heat recovery equipment

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