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“Every component you switch to be more energy efficient saves you energy and money.”

Best Practice: Production Hall
Focus on Lighting

February 2015

geff GmbH was able to persuade a new customer to implement a smart LED lighting system. This was preceded by several on-site visits, light measurements and calculations, and a trial of the proposed product for sampling and evaluation by technical officers.

The success of the installed system lies in the integrated technology of the spotlights, which are equipped with motion and daylight sensors. This way, the customer undergoes significant electricity savings. Furthermore, the customer has the ability to monitor individual spotlights and optimally satisfy their needs with simple monitoring software.

In addition to enormous energy savings, light output increased approx. 60%. Illuminance improved from the previous average of 284 lux to about 455 lux while preserving the same fastening points.

geff Best Practice Produktionshalle Detail 01

It’s All in the Numbers

Before: 133  HQI Hall Spotlights (1,000W) were installed. This corresponded to a power consumption of 133kW.

After: 133 LED Hall Spotlights (240W) were installed to replace the previous lights 1:1. Now power consumption is reduced to 31.92kW.

Already, we see energy savings of 76%.

By adding regulatory sensors, the customer saved another 15%, bringing the total energy savings to about 89.5%!

In addition to the significant improvement in light and energy savings, investment costs have a short payback period of about 2.5 years. With our technology now in operation, the enthusiasm is unbroken and the numbers speak for themselves. Other potential projects are being considered by this customer.

Light output increased by 60%.
The calculated payback period is ~ 2.5 years.
The customer saves ~ 60,000.00 Euros in electricity costs annually.

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